We provide support and solutions for a wide range of products and vendors.  Here are some of the most frequent service requests.

*       Backup/Recovery

*       System Design

*       Installation/Repair of Operating Systems

*       Application Installation and Configuration

*       DNS/DHCP

*       TCP/IP

*       E-Mail (Exchange, GroupWise and Hosted)

*       Routers/Firewalls

*       Active Directory

*       eDirectory

*       Group Policy

*       Anti-Virus

*       Virtualization (Desktop and Server)

*       Automated Software Distribution

*       Licensing

*       Wireless Access Points

Support Hot-Line (603) 488-5555.

this agent for remote support.  (Available with phone service.)


We have partnered with the following hardware manufactures and software publishers.  Each of these companies has a library of offerings that provide solutions to everyday computing problems.  We can help identify the proper solution for your needs and identify the lowest cost of ownership for you.